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Farscape Deleted Scene

Crais apologises to Aeryn in “Into the Lions Den”


My name is John Crichton. An astronaut. Three years ago I got shot through a wormhole. I’m in a distant part of the Universe aboard this living ship of escaped prisoners, my friends. I’ve made enemies. Powerful, dangerous. Now all I want is to find a way home to warn Earth: Look upward and share the wonders I’ve seen.


How To Utilize Your Wingman In Case of Unwanted Attention: 
 ↳A Guide by Aeryn Sun




Farscape: Mind The Baby


"How many Peacekeepers do you know on this base?"

Farscape: The Hidden Memory

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the crew of Moya + hugs


John: That’s alright. That’s a joke
Aeryn: Excellent. If we’re gonna let blue-eyes here save the day, we’d better come up with a very good plan.
John: I’m not deficient, I’m SUPERIOR. Humans are superior.

vala & cam + food

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Dr. Bettina Fairchild Appreciation Post


Farscape: A Human Reaction

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I offer you the chance to make your destiny. Look up. What do you see?


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