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You have to give props to Farscape for making their central love story a primary driving force of the plot, not a sideshow to “more important” action. There was no will-they-or-won’t-they drama for the show’s audience to agonize over either, something we can only hope more television will move away from in the future. I would argue that for all of Chris Carter’s protests, the insistence on keeping up tension between his FBI agents on The X-Files was something that practically ruined the series and many other strong shows besides. It’s boring, and the anticipation eventually becomes a bad game. What’s the problem with allowing love to be a central tenant of your show anyway? The idea that romance destroys all motivation toward action is genuinely goofy—there’s a honeymoon period and you get over it. Life still waits on the other side.


Farscape: Premiere










important good things about farscape

  • gender norms??? more like gender BORES farscape has no time for that shit
  • male protagonist allowed to emote
  • female deuteragonist allowed NOT to emote 
  • the show almost entirely bypasses the tired “fish out of water” trope i hate so much in newcomer sci fi stories with john and just sort of expects him to roll with it
  • and he does! and so do we as viewers. more shows need to trust that their viewers will go along for the ride with them.
  • aliens that actually look ALIEN, no rubber foreheads here
  • alien behaviors that actually feel ALIEN — see chiana & d’argo’s sex scenes, zhaan’s reaction to light, etc
  • WEIRD PLOTLINES that seem genuinely, once again, ALIEN — sometimes to the show’s detriment but often to its benefit
  • making you feel as strongly about rubber puppets as you do about the main cast of actors
  • claudia black

#this should be tumblrs forever show there are literally no flaws and NO ONE WATCHES IT #THE FEMALE TO MALE CHARACTER RATIO IS OUT OF THIS WORLD  #like eh 3 dudes and 20 LADIES

  • visible character development in that when they did an x gets timeswapped into his body in the 1st ep they point out HOW DIFFERENT everyone was back then.
  • everyone in leather.
  • characters switching sides for personal motivation, not plotclanger purposes
  • John being visibly insane by S3/4

A main couple who don’t stretch Will They/Won’t They to six seasons, or make it the entire plot of the show. 

People making shitty decisions because they’re flawed, self-serving, wonderful, fugitive douchenozzles. People not always being entirely repentant about making those decisions because of aforementioned self-serving douchenozzleness. 

Cast/crew commentaries about the shittier episodes and how much they fucking hate them (seriously, if you haven’t listened to the commentary on Jeremiah Crichton, you haven’t lived) 

Episodes that were clearly written by people tripping balls. 

The kiss in The Flax which is one of the hottest kisses in the history of kissytimes. 

whitlockienterprisespresents, I think this is relevant to your everything, most likely ;)

I come when I’m called. :)

  • female-on-male rape actually being considered serious (this seems particularly relevant to the S.H.E.I.L.D fandom right now)
  • basically every kind of sexuality that exists appears somewhere in the Farscape universe
  • non-binary/genderqueer/androgyny also exists
  • ALL OF THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and in realistic and naturally progressing ways! Holy self-actualising Peacekeepers, spaceman!
  • various sex kinks represented as normal and healthy and not ~scandalous and weird
  • alien cursewords
  • frelling cream of the Australian acting crop
  • continuity links so tight I could cry
  • Scorpius (really really everything about Scorpius)
  • female characters in respected positions of power
  • a female-dominated episode that isn’t a ~Special Episode all about lady-related things, they just all go and get shit done because they’re awesome and not because it was a ‘job for a woman’ (still side-eyeing you for that one, Person of Interest)
  • characters actually remembering and having long-term reactions to events from previous episodes, particularly psychological trauma
  • spectacularly painful death scenes
  • incredibly gutsy episodes that go places and do things other shows are too afraid to do
  • just a general frelling trust in the audience and their ability to understand and follow along and to determine their own moral stance in a very messy morally grey world without having to be spoonfed and without the character’s hard edges being sanded down to make them more palatable. 

Essentially, everything all the time is perfect with Farscape. Even the fact that it has some dodgy episodes doesn’t stop it from ultimately being perfect.

You all have summed up exactly why this show is beautifully brilliant and how pissed I am that it was cancelled. 

Once upon a time there was a boy named John, and John was an astronaut…

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Farscape: I, E.T.




Fangirl challenge  -  Characters
Aeryn Sun, Farscape

My joy that one of my gifsets has 1500+ notes is completely overshadowed by the fact that a Farscape post has freakin’ 1500+ notes! This does not happen often…

It deserves all the notes! It’s a gorgeous gifset. And because Aeryn Sun.




just bought season one of Farscape.

I heard there was kissing in space. I’m in.










Decided it was time to draw these dorks again. <3

Reblogging because this made me laugh like a loon and want to watch Farscape. Good job, aviansheep!



Decided it was time to draw these dorks again. <3

Reblogging because this made me laugh like a loon and want to watch Farscape. Good job, aviansheep!

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favorite john/aeryn moments | 005. “i’ve never felt better”

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